"I love seeing people transform during my coaching sessions, workshops and speaking."


My Why

The quality of the connection you create with another person is determined by the quality of the connection you have with yourself. I am sometimes a teacher and always a student. Your self dialogue is not a destination but a journey. And I'm grateful for the inspiration, love and support from all the people I've met since I'm on my mission to not only be a messenger of dialogue but fully embrace it as my DNA, by nature and by nurture.

Now I feel blessed to say that I love seeing people transform during my coaching sessions, workshops and speaking. It all starts with self. That’s why self dialogue is one of the five pillars of dialogue. And that’s why I also work together with Mindvalley - Global School for Humanity - and The School of Life Amsterdam. Together we offer amazing content in personal development. Content that supports you in discovering your self dialogue and improving your connection with others. 


My Story

I am born in Rotterdam, Netherlands on January 6th, 1980 as the daughter of first-generation Moroccan immigrants.

After graduating in Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, I chose to work at the Royal Dutch Navy as a military officer.

After taking off my uniform I worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Defense - I received the award Young Government Official of the Year 2007 for outstanding performance in public service. 

In 2010 I was sworn in as Member of Parliament (MP). After almost 6 years, I resigned to support Hillary Clinton in her run for President of the United States where I gained valuable insight into American politics and the 2016 presidential election.

My passion for dialogue is born during my time as Dutch MP. At TEDx Amsterdam Women I shared my story and I led a successful crowd funding campaign. I love being a social entrepreneur - speaker, coach and trainer in (self) dialogue. As a Mindvalley Master Certified Trainer, I contribute to the Global School for Humanity. I am an official representative and local facilitator for Mindvalley - and I deliver transformation workshops, seminars and coaching using Mindvalley methodologies and teachings. I am also an educator at the School of Life Amsterdam. The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence - applying psychology, philosophy, and culture to everyday life.


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