A leader’s most important job is to dialogue - to connect people to their authenticity, leading by example. 

Do your employees care as deeply as you do about the organization? Are you and your employees performing up to your potential? Do you need a more committed team, who brings in their smarts and creativity? What are your assumptions about motivation and performance? And are you willing to experiment with a new approach? 

Dialogue is not just a lofty ideal - it impacts your and your organization’s success

Dialogue means human connection. And it starts with one’s self dialogue - one’s connection with self. Human connection defies the assumption that people act only out of self-interest and that work is fundamentally contractual with employees seeking to minimize personal effort. People who dialogue together give their energy and dedication in their work freely. They grow rather than stagnate. They do more - and they do it better.

By tapping into the power of dialogue, you can transform an entire organization. With dialogue the personal good and the collective good become one. Collaboration increases, learning accelerates, and performance climbs.

When you and your team master dialogue, you all try new things, move into deep learning, take risks, and make surprising contributions. The culture changes, and the organization begins to perform at a higher level.

It’s time to recognize that learning and development are powerful incentives. Human beings actually want to think, learn, and grow. The Interactive Dialogue Workshop helps your team to become adaptive and proactive. Dialogue involves listening, reflecting and asking provocative questions. There is less need for managerial control, because people see how dialogue changes them for the better. We offer a Dialogue Year Program - with seasonal Interactive Dialogue Workshops, tailor made. In 4 sessions in one year your team accelerates their growth, in (self) awareness and consciousness.

Understand, experience and embrace dialogue. Click on the button below to learn more about our Interactive Dialogue Workshop - what to expect and costs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and feel free to contact us. 

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