In the 21st century we need to create conscious conversations that make a difference in the world. Powerful dialogue changes communities, organizations, families and relationships. DIALOGUEE creates the answers for that; we offer speakingconsultancycoaching and workshops to:

  • Support people to understand what a true dialogue means;

  • Learn them how to create a safe space for dialogue;

  • Show them how to master listening;

  • Inspire them to manage self dialogue first, to bring the fullness of themselves to the dialogue;

  • Coach them to be resilient

We make it easy to create true dialogue. Dialogue means human connection. And that's where the magic happens. Improve your ability to connect with others now! Order our Interactive Dialogue Workshop. Feel free to contact us if you have any question. We are ready to serve you in becoming a game changer in your (business) field by using dialogue. - Team DIALOGUEE

Wassila is a beautiful and pure person. She is passionate and loves to share her insights with others. Weeks later, the people from our team are still talking about the dialogue they experienced with Wassila. Discover new ways of perceiving, really see each other, really hear each other ... Dialogue means trust and courage, but is an enrichment for every team that strives for the highest achievable.
— Sjaak Vink, CEO of The Social Medwork
Absolutely fantastic having Wassila over for a guest lecture on dialogues. Given her rich experience and passion for the topic, she provided an eye-opening experience through her interactive workshop. An enriching experience for any (young) adult.
— Thijs Geradts, Lecturer and PhD Candidate Erasmus University Rotterdam
Very inspiring session with Wassila and our team about ‘the dialogue’. Wassila creates a wonderful safe place to really be connected. To see, to hear, to listen to each other. Creating awareness around dialogue, the way it is meant to be: with full attention and respect.
— Maartje Lammerse, PR Consultant at Coebergh Communication & PR
Great to meet and learn from Wassila Hachchi about creating the opportunity for true dialogue in our growing team at The Social Medwork. Teams that dialogue together grow together.
— Rachel Leung, Communications Manager at The Social Medwork
This is my big WHY. Why I do what I do. DIALOGUE means true human connection. You can only create this connection with another person if you are connected with yourSELF. Self Dialogue. That’s why it’s one of the five pillars of dialogue. And that’s why I work together with Mindvalley. We offer amazing content to discover and improve your Self Dialogue, so you have a compass to a happy, successful and fulfilling life.
— Wassila Hachchi - Speaker , Coach and Trainer at DIALOGUEE