Photo: Linelle Deunk

Photo: Linelle Deunk

Wassila Hachchi was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands on January 6th, 1980 as the daughter of first-generation Moroccan immigrants.

She studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Strategic Management. With her diploma in her pocket, she chose to work at the Royal Dutch Navy as a military officer.

After 4 years Wassila took off her uniform and worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In January 2008 she received the award Young Official of the Year 2007, for outstanding performance in public service. The Ministry of Defense offered her a new position in early 2009, not long after that she made the switch to politics.

On June 17, 2010 she was sworn in as Member of Parliament (MP). After almost 6 years as a Dutch MP, she resigned to support Hillary Clinton in her run for President of the United States where she gained valuable insight into American politics and the 2016 presidential election.

During her time as MP she started Dialogue Digital – a tech enabled platform to make an impact on the world. Dialogue Digital is a safe online space for intelligent conversations to drive social change. In 2015 she shared her story at TEDx Amsterdam Women and led a successful crowd funding campaign. Wassila is a social entrepreneur and Campaign Consultant, Speaker and Coach at DIALOGUEE.

“What do you feel and see when you’re on the internet? Millions and millions of words exploding everywhere. People are constantly talking. But to what purpose? Now is the time to listen, think and then speak. Dialogue Digital is my dream and vision that has come to fruition. Dialogue Digital is an online platform where people can come together for intelligent conversations. But let me first share my story.” – Wassila Hachchi

Do you have perspective and passion for social issues? Do you want to increase your influence on society together with others? And do you want to voice your opinion? This is the place for your to start. Join Dialogue Digital, click the button below. - The Dialogue Digital Team

In de 21e eeuw zijn bewuste en oprechte conversaties nodig om een verschil te maken in de wereld. Een krachtige dialoog verandert gemeenschappen, gezinnen en relaties. Daarom is DIALOGUEE opgericht: wij creëren, stimuleren en faciliteren dialoog als spreker, coach, consultant en trainer. Wij:

·      Ondersteunen mensen bij het begrijpen van wat een echte dialoog betekent;

·      Leren ze hoe een veilige ruimte te creëren voor dialoog;

·      Laten zien hoe je luisteren kan beheersen;

·      Inspireren ze om eerst bewust te worden van de (innerlijke) “zelf dialoog”;

·      Coachen mensen om veerkrachtig te zijn.

Meer informatie? Neem contact met ons op. - Het DIALOGUEE Team

In the 21st century we need to create conscious conversations that make a difference in the world. Powerful dialogue changes communities, families, and relationships. DIALOGUEE creates the answers for that, we offer speaking, consultancy, coaching and workshops to:

·      Support people to understand what a true dialogue means;

·      Learn them how to create a safe space for dialogue;

·      Show them how to master listening;

·      Inspire them to manage self dialogue first, to bring the fullness of themselves to the dialogue;

·      Coach them to be resilient.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested. - The DIALOGUEE Team


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