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VIALOGUE* on overcoming fear and living with an unwavering faith

We are Ines Baricevic and Wassila Hachchi - two women with a passion for dialogue and storytelling. We believe dialogue is the best way to bring people closer to each other, while the power of stories is in its ability to inspire, educate and give a sense of hope.

In Barcelona, June 2017 we bring a series of video interviews and we listen, think and speak with our guests. They are passionate entrepreneurs, artists, business consultants, coaches, corporate executives and so much more, with a strong desire to live more in alignment with their true self. 


* VIALOGUE is a video dialogue

Wassila Hachchi

Founder, Dialogue Digital & DIALOGUEE

Mihkel Sepp

Founder, TimeBook

Yanik Ethier

Writer, Performer & Executive Film Producer


Andrea Frank Henkart

Author, Speaker & Nutritional Counselor

Hanna Meirelles

Development Facilitator, International Trainer

Craig Dave

Copywriter, Speaker and Musician


Joshua Tucker

Founder, TendonitisExpert.com

Jb Owen

Author, Speaker, Lifestyle Designer & Founder Lotus Liners

John Vallas

Serial & Social Entrepreneur


Santiago Rafael Pascual Walter

Lifestyle Artist, Ontological Communicator & Emotional Intelligence Healer

Elena Daniela Calin

Founder, Positive Words Research

Tal Gur

Founder, FullyLived.com



Founder, SoulVeganSummit.com

Lourdes Aldanondo

Founder, MindTouch

Gautam Khetrapal

Founder, LifePlugin.com


Miguel Lopes

Founder, BrightEyes

Leap Stories