5 Ways to listen, turn inward and connect with your higher self

Actually you are always connected to your higher self. Have you ever had those incredibly useful flashes of inspiration and intuition? Do you seem to stumble on these moments of clarity? If you can accept that you are much more than a physical being, you can understand that you are your higher self and that it’s a matter of giving it a bigger role in your life. It’s a matter of allowing your self dialogue to flourish. Why? Because your higher self is your best guide for an awesome, meaningful experience of life. Your higher self knows what it truly is you want from life and what truly makes you happy.

There are numerous ways to get to know your higher self, so that you can receive its guidance. I have selected the following 5 ways for you to consider:

  1. Meditation - The practice of meditation does not attempt to stop the many thoughts, it simply makes you aware that they are merely thoughts. This gives you a huge amount of perspective into your own mind. You can then choose whether to engage with them or not.

  2. Spiritual practice - If you are spiritually inclined, there are many practices that can help you tune into your higher self. For example prayer can help you focus on a deeper way of being. It’s ultimately a conversation with the divine - you can call it source, energy, Allah, God or whatever. You can use prayer to ask for advice, give thanks and clarify your thinking. If prayer is talking to the divine, meditation is listening for the answer. So you can choose to combine a spiritual practice with meditation.

  3. Be in nature - Being in nature brings you closer to a more natural way of being. This can lead to insights from the higher self that would be drowned out if you were in a less natural environment. Studies also have shown that spending time in nature has enormous health benefits.

  4. Exercise - As well as being good for your general health, exercise can improve your mental health and sense of well-being. It can bring you in de state of flow - also known as being in the zone - where you are fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Exercise also results in the release of ‘feel good hormones’ that gives you a boost of positivity.

  5. Personal Coaching - Thousands of thoughts enter in and out of our mind every minute of every day. Some consciously and some subconsciously. Being aware of all the voices in your mind is challenging but also crucial on the path to your higher self and therefore living the best version of you. Chances are that you can use some help and support to (re)connect with your higher self. That’s why DIALOGUEE(volution) is founded. We believe that every human being has an opportunity to discover and improve their Self Dialogue. My team and I are ready to serve you and I offer personal (tailor made) coaching programs in Self Dialogue. Learn more by selecting the button below and feel free to contact me.

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Listen To Your Higher Self