A Super Woman is not a woman with exceptional physical or mental ability. She is not one who successfully manages a home, brings up children, and has a full-time job. A Super Woman is a woman who is aligned with her inner being and knows how to tap into her higher self. A woman who lives her life's purpose and loves the journey as much as - and maybe even more than - the achievement of her goals. A woman who enjoys life and makes every day count. A woman who is happy now and who has a vision for her future. A Super Woman has personal freedom in business and life with holistic balance. Are you ready to be a Super Woman?

Join us and get ready to:

  • Explore your SELF
  • Experience your SERENITY
  • Enlighten your SENSUALITY
  • Evolve your STRATEGY

We are Nitasha Sarin and Wassila Hachchi - two women with a passion for life and (self)dialogue. We believe in empowering women, so we all can expand and recreate what it is that we can be, do, and accomplish. We also believe one must acquire empowerment themselves rather than have it given to them by another person. But we definitely believe in the power of sharing roadmaps, tools and methodologies to support one another in having the capability to make important decisions in our life while also being able to act on them. We learn best when we are together with like-minded people and when we have a sense of community - after all, empowerment is a process, not a product. On Friday July 27, 2018 we organise our very first Super Women Session - in a very inspiring space - at Droog in Amsterdam. A one day event for only 10 women and we dive deep into being a Super Women - so you can live the best version of you and improve your life in 360 abundance. Make sure you claim your spot right now! 

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